White Paper: Configuring Data Centers for Successful IT Asset Disposition

IT departments face increasing demands from users and organization leaders, but as technology deployments increase, so do management challenges. Your IT infrastructure – servers, network, storage, and software – must be aligned in order to meet basic business needs. The best way to ensure your infrastructure meets your current and near-term enterprise needs is to regularly conduct infrastructure reviews. Data centers need to move out their legacy hardware and move in the latest technology. Proper planning maintains compliance with the trends in the marketplace and provides measurable impacts on a data center’s bottom line.

HOBI International, Inc. helps enterprises identify optimal solutions for aged IT assets. Utilizing our suite of services, HOBI creates a customized plan to quickly, efficiently, and economically remove all of you excess hardware, destroy all data, and provide your enterprise with effective environmentally conscious solutions to dispose of your equipment. In many instances, HOBI’s solutions help fund the equipment upgrade.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Gain a more powerful and reliable data center infrastructure
  • Derive quantifiable end-user productivity gains by providing higher sever levels and faster response times
  • Mitigate the risks associated with service downtime
  • Select the appropriate ITAD service provider for your enterprise’s unique needs